Attend Our Meetings

Friends Group Meetings

The Friends generally meet every third Saturday of odd months (January, March, etc.), from 10AM to Noon in the North Hollywood Library’s Community Room or Staff Break Room (ask any librarian to direct you if you have difficulty locating us). Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend our amiable group in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

The meetings are always interesting. One can learn a lot about the area and community, not to mention learning about how the library and City works. A lot of library and community news is passed along at our meetings, and you’re guaranteed to meet some really interesting and amazing people. So come and learn what we’re up to, and feel free to contribute your ideas about how we can help the library, and by extension, the community. We think once you’ve met our friendly group (after all, that’s what we’re named for), we’re convinced that you’ll be tempted to join or at least volunteer!