Donate Funds Books or Media

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations made to the FNHL are tax deductible as we operate under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code (check with your tax advisor) (for specifics, click “About” on the menu). Since the FNHL is staffed entirely by volunteers and the group has very few expenses, your entire donation will be used to support the outstanding North Hollywood Regional Branch Library and the community it serves. You may make a check out to “FNHL” or “Friends of the North Hollywood Library” and mail it to our attention at the library’s address (click About/Contact from the menu), or drop it off at one of our meetings, book sales, or with the librarians at the circulation desk.

Thanks to some significant contributions over the years, we’ve been able to provide many benefits and enhancements for the library, its patrons, and the community.

Donations via Ralphs and Amazon

You can sign up with Ralphs and Amazon who will donate a portion of your eligible purchases without charge to you.  Once you’ve set up your account to donate to us, it’s automatic.  See Donate via Ralphs and Donate via Amazon for specific information.

Book and Media Donations

The library is very fortunate to have a generous and giving community who wish to donate books from their own collection. Donations of books and media (DVD’s, CD’s, books on tape/CD, etc.) can be made at any time by bringing the item(s) to the library during normal operating hours. Bring your items to the circulation desk directly inside the library and the librarians will assist you. If you have more than a bag or small box of donations, ask the librarians how to proceed (they may open up the side entrance, for instance). A tax deductible receipt can be provided upon request for saleable items (see below). Some items may not be accepted so please review the following guidelines.

There are some common sense guidelines we follow when accepting donations:

The items must be salable – in other words, have a reasonable expectation of being sold. For instance, if we must recycle or discard items in poor condition, we cannot give a tax deductible receipt.
Some examples of items NOT acceptable are:
· Moldy, water/moisture damaged, or dirty items
· Dusty items (please dust off the items before donating them)
· Those infested with insects or worms, or evidence of same (silverfish, cockroaches, worms, etc.)
· Excessively marked up items (underlines/circles, highlighting, crayon markings, etc.)
· Most magazines, unless in good condition with reasonable resale value
· DVD’s/CD’s with a significantly scratched surface
· Audiocassette tapes
· Long Obsolete Computer/Software Manuals
· Encyclopedias †
· Textbooks †

† We can refer you to dealers who specialize in these items.

If you have a large collection, please contact us to coordinate a drop-off time.
•If you have potentially antique grade items, please contact us first.